Wednesday, 29 April 2015

MAPS - Building the Leaders of the Future

Leaders are not born, they are created and here at MAPS we foster leadership qualities in pupils and support them to set themselves apart from the crowd. Manifesting this ideology of ours, we conducted the elections for the distinguished posts of the Head Boy and Head Girl of the school through E-Voting held on April 21, 2015.
All the nominees addressed the school and appealed for votes. The entire school was left amazed as the nominees delivered extremely influential speeches one after the other so much so that choosing the best was in fact a hard choice. Finally, all the students proudly cast their votes in their respective ballot booths. The voting process filled the young voters with a sense of dignity. Votes were finally counted and the jury members came to the results after several hours of analysis.

On April 28, 2015,Sanchit Goel (Sr.)and Smriti Maithli(Sr.) and Rudransh Sharma(Jr.) and Drishti(Jr.)were declared as the Head Boy and Head Girl of the school respectively. Keeping up the spirit of democracy, the two young leaders were chosen not only by dint of merit but by their convincing power to persuade the maximum students to their cause.Vasudev Malyan (Sr.)and Saloni Sethi(Sr.) and Anurag Garg(Jr.) and Priyanka Tiwari(Jr.)  were announced the Vice Head Boy and the Vice Head Girl respectively. The passing-out Head Boy and Head Girl hand-over charge to the new appointees. With an aim to help in smoother functioning of the school and lend out a helping hand to pupils, the Student Council announced the six committees who would henceforth shoulder the responsibility of reaching out to every student. The team of the elite members comprising of the Head Boy and the Head Girl and the Academic, Cultural, Sports, Cleanliness, Editorial and Discipline Committees assumed office and exulted in bearing the responsibility of working towards the betterment of MAPS. The Student Senate thereby took the solemn pledge and promised to uphold the values the school stands for.The School Principal wished good luck to the new team and emphasized on the responsibilities to be taken up by the leaders. 

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