Thursday, 10 November 2022

Zenith 2022-2023

 “Reach high for stars lie hidden in your soul, dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.”

To celebrate the success of #class III students, #Zenith 2022-2023 was presented on 7th November 2022 on the theme #Good Health and Well Being.
The programme started with the lightning of the lamp, followed by Ganesh Vandana, skit and a scintillating dance performance. The main highlight of the programme was the #felicitation ceremony of the achievers in academics for their commendable performance. Everyone praised all the students for their performance. It was a great show, well-presented which left the audience spell bound.
#zenith#classIII#good health and well being#felicitating ceremony.

Annual Felicitation Ceremony


To boost the morale of the students, the Annual Felicitation Ceremony for the Session 2021-22 was conducted on November 9, 2022 to honour the achievements of meritorious students of grade IV on the theme “QUALTIY EDUCATION”. The school honoured all its achievers for having attained a sterling record.

The ceremony started with invoking the blessings of the almighty followed by the school’s achievements , the school song sung and dance performance. The students also depicted the importance of Quality Education through a nukkad natak which filled the ambience with their loud claps and voices.

People enjoyed this cultural programme a lot with loud clapping.

At the end, everyone congratulated the achievers and Principal Madam advised all the students to work harder in life to get sure success. She appreciated the efforts put in by the students and wished for them to come through with flying colours in future too.

It was indeed a proud moment not only for the recipients of the awards but also for their parents who had been invited in the glory of their child’s success. The ceremony culminated with a vote of thanks.

Wednesday, 29 June 2022

MAPS- International Day of Yoga Celebrartions

 Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter your flame.” - B.K.S. Iyengar.

International Day of Yoga 2022 was celebrated as per CBSE guidelines on 21 June 2022 at Shalimar Archaeological Park ( Sheesh Mahal ).
20 Agarsainians participated in this programme .
The highlights of the program were as follows:
-Awareness Rally and Cleanliness drive at the site
-Talk on yoga
-Mass Surya Namaskar.
-Making human pyramid using various yoga poses and performing mass yoga
-Awareness on benefits of yoga.
-Display of different poses of yoga through Fit India mobile app.

Thursday, 12 May 2022

MAPS - Investiture Ceremony

A leader is someone who leads by serving and serves by leading"

MAPS held its Annual Investiture Ceremony with an aim to inculcate leadership among the students and a vision to take this institution to Greater heights.
The Principal Ms. Alka Sahani badged the newly elected Head Boy Aashrut Sharma and Head Girl Vaishnavi V. Sisodia. The coordinators badged Sr. Vice Head Boy Rudransh and Sr. Vice Head Girl Unnati Vijay along with Jr. Head Boy Aryan Kakkar and Jr. Head Girl Ishani Goel.
Student Committees were formed namely Academic, Editorial, Cultural, Discipline, Cleanliness and Sports. Meritorious, Talented and Responsible students were inducted as members of the school cabinet in a sanctified and dignified ceremony. A Higher Dimension was added to the occasion by handing over The School Flag to newly elected Head Boy followed by an Oath and beautiful prayer to motivate new leaders to show exemplary behaviour providing a shining example of Leadership, Trust, Courtesy, Love and Goodness.

Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Celebrating 73rd Republic Day

 “Freedom in Mind, Faith in words, Pride in our Hearts, Memories in our Soul”

Republic Day is a celebration of Unity, and it urges everyone to spread harmony and humanity. MAPS celebrated AZADI KA AMRIT MAHOTSAV with immense patriotic fervour and zeal through online platform. The live streaming of the programme kept the audience mesmerized and captivated. 
The program began with the unfurling of the tricolor in all its solemnity and grandeur with playing of the National Anthem in the background followed by patriotic rhapsody- Bhartiya Gantantra. The atmosphere reverberated with rhythmic beats of the song with the tricolour fluttering in the air.
Welcome speech by Sh.Deepak Jindal (Chairman MAPS) set the stage for the auspicious occasion. He inspired the audience to pledge to uphold the honour, integrity, diversity and uniqueness of our country. Words of wisdom by Sh. Anil Gupta (President AWS) motivated our children to follow the constitution in letter and spirit and be the harbinger of a social change to build a new, better and strong India. The echo of his slogan ‘Jai Hind’ filled everyone’s heart with patriotism.                            
The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity and brotherhood with an Instrumental Refrain- A Tribute To the Martyrs .The comrades of the school band displayed incredible zeal and remarkable efforts to create the performance that reflected patriotism and culture. The students orchestrated a performance that was an outcome of tremendous labor, discipline and synchronization .
On the propitious occasion of Republic Day Savindhan-e-Sutradhar, a Constitutional Narration was presented that aimed to illustrate the importance of Equality, Liberty and Justice whilst evoking the spirit of patriotism and stronger trust in the Indian Constitution.
Yoga emphasizes the harmony between body and mind through stretching, breathing, and introspection. Students presented Yoga and their perfect poses and balance stole the hearts of many.
The Tale of the Tricolor- गणतंत्र, तिरंगा और हम was an incredibly informative as well as interesting skit that enlightened the gathering about the significance of Republic Day.
The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity and brotherhood by singing a Patriotic Song- India Leads The World.
Next was a scintillating dance performance Tirange Ke Rang, Lok Nritya Ke Sang: a Celebratory Dance which kindled the patriotic spirit in every Indian heart. It was highly appreciated by one and all.
 It was yet another proud reason for Agarsainians to celebrate as the school Management released AGARPUNJ 2021.The e- magazine is a delightful and colorful chronicle of school events and of people who carried the school’s torch of glory over the decades.         
School Principal, Mrs.Alka Sahani conveyed her wishes to the MAPS pariwar for the 73rd Republic Day. She appreciated the efforts of the teachers, students and their parents who have always contributed in setting higher goals and in achieving them.
Golden words by Director Principal, Mrs.Punam Gupta left the audience filled with love and honor for the nation. She too congratulated the entire school for attaining heights and motivated everyone to continue to work hard relentlessly.
Much splendour was added to the occasion with the announcement of Annual Diary Awards. Students were felicitated for their achievements in academic and co-curricular fields.
Sh. Rakesh Kumar Gupta (Manager MAPS) proposed vote of thanks. He concluded by appreciating the efforts of all the teachers and students who worked hard to put in this event. 
The celebration enlightened the minds and ignited thoughts and feelings of the audience for their motherland.

Saturday, 15 January 2022

Surya Namaskar - Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav

 Surya Namaskar session under Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav 14.1.22

Surya namaskar  is a precious gift from ancient Indian stages. We might be living longer in 21st century but we are also living much better. Millions of people follow unhealthy lifestyle , Surya namaskar provides a stepping stone in the direction of healthy lifestyle.

To reveal the magical message of Surya namaskar and adopt in daily life  Maharaja Agraisain Public School organised Surya namaskar session with students , teacher and parents for their overall development . We pledged to add this small step in our lives to make it healthier.

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

World's AIDS Day

 World's AIDS Day - an international day dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic. It's an opportunity and duty of institutions and educators to educate the students towards this illness and be united in the fight against HIV. MAPS celebrating WORLD AIDS DAY in school. Agarsainians of class 8 held interactive sessions and made meaningful posters to spread consciousness.


 It was a matter of immense pleasure for students of MAPS from grade 7th and 8th to be a part of a journey that helped them exchange cultures, traditions, ideas and knowledge with learners in Vietnam. The collaboration displayed inquisitiveness and core skills of the students .The session gave them a platform to create memories and to enhance knowledge. MAPS is looking forward to making sincere efforts to build many more such relations with students across the globe.

Friday, 19 November 2021


 "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle."

It was a proud moment for MAPS Nursery Wing to collaborate with the French Embassy school, Canada on 1st and 2nd November in a virtual session. This cultural exchange program focused on the theme "Festival of lights". The Canadian students rejoiced dancing on Diwali song along with Indian students in a virtual session. The cherry on the cake was when even the Canadian teachers dressed up in Indian attire and enjoyed the festivity. Videos related to the joy of sharing, cleanliness drive, decorated markets, etc. were also shared with the students to make them aware of how we celebrate Diwali with great fervor and joy in India. A worksheet related to colouring and decorating diya was also shared with the Canadian school where the Canadian students attempted and decorated the same beautifully. The project was a knowledgeable as well as an everlasting experience for all the participants. We now look forward to their Christmas festivities - the second innings of our project to be taken up by the Canadian school in the month of December for our students.

MAPS - Happy Diwali!

 With the shining of diyas and the echoes of the chants, may prosperity and happiness of this festival of lights fill our lives. Happy Diwali!

MAPS celebrated diwali with immense delight and enthusiasm. Various engrossing activities were conducted in the classrooms online and offline. Senior students showed gratitude towards the supporting staff of the school by preparing decorative material and gifting them. It brought a positive impact and a sense of belongingness. Other students enjoyed doing varied activities like Rangoli Making, Diya Decoration etc. Later on the festival was further celebrated by staff members along with Respected Principal ma'am and the worthy members of the management. Talented teachers mesmerized all with their sweetest songs and poems. The Diwali wishes given by the honourable management members brought smiles and lit the hearts of all. It was followed by scrumptious lunch and delicious treats. The day was utterly enjoyable. Have a Safe and Green Diwali!!!


 AURA- INTERSCHOOL FEST 2021 Enthuses All!

AURA-The Inter School Fest enthused the participants with its Scavenger Hunt activities, a set of competitions centered around the theme 'Restoring Wellness'. The event commenced with a spectacular inaugural ceremony with lighting of the lamp followed by a mellifluous Ganesh Vandana. The Director Principal Ms. Punam Gupta tracked the journey of AURA from 2007. The Principal Ms. Alka Sahani stressed on how each participant is a winner. This was followed by a brief address by Ms. Pooja Gaur, the AURA In charge.
The event saw enthusiastic participation and lived up to its aim of providing merriment and fun in the times of the pandemic and proved to be immensely successful.

MAPS - Teacher's day

 "Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world." - Malala Yousafzai

MAPS celebrated Teacher's day on the theme 'Memoirs - A happy trip down to the memory lane'. Students from class XII gathered in the school to honour the noblest profession in the world - teaching.
The celebration began with a scintillating performance by a student on 'Guru Vandana' following by a well-synchronised dance performance and a laughable skit by students in colourful attires. Various interesting games were also organised for the teachers. Our respected Director principal ma'am and principal ma'am delivered a touching speech about the well being of students. The event culminated with the dance moves by the students celebrating the happy moments.....

Monday, 16 August 2021

MAPS - 75th Independence Day

 'Patriotism is a conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.'

The 75th Independence Day was celebrated by the school with much vigor and gutso.
The programme commenced with the flag-hoisting by Sh. Anil Gupta (President, AWS).

The cultural extravaganza that unfolded consisted of a melodious medley of patriotic songs and an orchestral symphony that reverberated in every heart. Sh. Deepak Jindal, Chairman (AWS), inspired the students to give their all in serving the nation. This was followed by the school report read out by the Principal followed by an evocative dance and a thought provoking play 'Sachcha Hindustani Kaun' that coerced the viewers to reflect on the true meaning of patriotism. The teeny-weeny troupe from the Nusery Wing stole everyone's heart with their Scintillating dance. The National Anthem provided a fitting end to the program.

It was a day that nurtured national pride in the heart and patriotic spirit in the soul.