Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Food Around The World (ISA Project)

An international activity was executed by Social Science department of M.A.P.S for class-VII. ISA project titled ‘Food around the World’ was introduced in the mid of August. This project served as a lavish spread which tickled  the taste-buds of the students with pot-full of knowledge.      In the first activity ‘World Platter’, students prepared Food Court Puzzle Boxes of the respective country- Norway, India & South Africa- allotted to them. The activity ‘Food Court Puzzle Box’ was the appetizer to the sumptuous meal. Boxes with Placards containing pictures and information on staple food, popular dish made by staple food, popular dish prepared during celebration, climatic and geographical conditions required for that staple food, were prepared and placed in the box.
                Classes exchanged their boxes and observed the information given in the boxes and filled up Compare & Contrast sheet and placed them in the box as well. The learners savoured the experience as they feasted intellectually on the similarities and differences of the cuisines based on their geographical positions and growth in different seasons of the given countries.
 It was a thundering success as the students flooded with excellent attempts to answer all the questions given in compare & contrast sheet.
                They also presented the information in the form of Power point presentations which were uploaded on Youtube.
For another row of main course of the project, the children prepared e-brochures. Each group  prepared an e-brochure giving information of food and meal time customs of all the three countries.
The e-brochures were uploaded on You tube. The dessert was sweet and lingering with international flavour.

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